Stunning Futuristic Unisex Sci-Fi Silver Bodysuit

Kikimora Fashion

$242.00$254.00 AUD inc. GST

Shiny, stretchy, soft & spiky! This unitard is perfect for a gymnast costume, dance, or epic festival & party outfit. I have been working with this fabric for the past three years, it stretches evenly and creates a spiky effect from manufactured holes in it. It has no zipper on the back.

It’s a light and very durable fabric. All colors have a metallic finish and a shiny effect. It’s a Light Catcher!

Seamstress at Work:

Washing Instructions:

*COLD WATER, minimum detergent, please HAND WASH!

Custom Sizing:

For custom fits please follow the instructions on the video below & send a copy of the sizes to our team via the contact us form.

***Note: Please allow 5 – 14 days of processing time for orders.