Silver Holographic Vegan Leather Pocket Holsters – Festival Rave Wear


$210.00 AUD inc. GST

Stand out in the highest festival fashion with this spectacular-looking, yet useful, holographic pocket holster, the Silver Diamonds. Made to high-quality standards and tested at Australian festivals, it’s an heirloom piece of Rave wear that you will cherish for years to come as your festival outfit. Each of our pocket holster creations is at this stage a one-off and may never be produced again. Is this your special one, or do you know someone that will love this one?

The “Silver Diamonds” model has a silver holographic vegan leather as the main body. It appears silver from a certain angle and light and then will shine through the whole rainbow from other angles. It’s a really cool material indeed. The highlights on this model are made of a similar silver holographic vegan leather that has a toroidal spiral pattern in it which refracts the light fantastically.

The main pocket is lined with the same nonscratch silver vegan leather and the small pocket on the back is lined with soft, non-scratch cotton fabric. These holsters are next level in all ways, and we are sure you will be more than pleased with this premium product.

The “Silver Diamonds” pocket holsters features:

• Silver holographic hard-wearing vegan leather;

• Two deep pockets big enough for largest modern phone ( slightly larger than the phoenix style);

• Sturdy construction;

• Zip pocket on back;

• Zip pocket on front;

• Magnetic closure on main flap;

• Adjustable length to fit small to large people;

• High quality fixtures;

• Water-resistant;

• Removable pockets with added belt loops to thread them onto your favorite belt.