Purple Fuchsia Bio Glitter – Ecofriendly Biodegradable Festival Glitter


$6.30$33.60 AUD inc. GST

ABOUT THE COLOUR: Con-fuchsias says, “man that wants to get her will wear get-her” (real quote) This purple fuchsia color is strong yet soft, loud yet unassuming. Its basically everything you’ve ever wanted from a purple fuchsia bio glitter and more

ABOUT THE BIO: Our Bio Glitter is biodegradable, sustainable, compostable, and environmentally safe. YES! Normal Glitter is litter and hangs around in the environment long after the party has finished. NO ☹️ This is your ticket to guilt-free pleasure! Our Bio Glitter is made from the cellulose from eucalyptus trees. Koalas are raving about it It is a Cosmetic Grade Biodegradable Glitter, body-safe for face painting, body sparkling, nail art, scrapbooking, use in soaps and bath bombs, and for all craft applications. In our professional opinion, it’s a superior face painting product because of the clean ingredients and it goes on smoother and easier than the normal littery kind.


• Meets the requirements of both FDA and EU cosmetic regulations, satisfies cosmetic standards for the USA, Australia, Japan, China, and the EU. It meets universal requirements too, we have it on good authority.

• Made from sustainably sourced, GMO-free raw materials. We don’t need to GM gum trees, nature does a perfect job at it… Thanks, nature!

• Made from a biodegradable film certified to composting EN13432, ASTM D6400, and marine ASTM D7081-05 standards. It breaks down as leaves would.

• Has very low heavy metal content and is Antimony free (<5ppm total content, the limit of test method) We prefer Disco.

• Not tested on animals, only humans, they look fabulous now. ‍

• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, meat-eaters can use it too, we don’t discriminate

• Looks identical to normal non-biodegradable polyester glitters, actually it is even a little better looking in our opinion ✨