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Solving issues with email login

  • If your password is not working, please first recover your password.
  • IMPORTANT: If you cannot find your password reset email, check your spam folder.
  • If you continue to have issues, please consider using Facebook or Google login as these services are more reliable.

Solving issues with social login

  • Should you have an issue with social login please ensure you are using the correct social account to login. This process is primarily managed by your social media platform.

Changing your email address

  • To change your account email address, please login and visit your account page.
  • IMPORTANT: You must know your password to make this change, if required please recover your password first.

Social Network

Changing your social name

  • To change the name that appears in the social feed, please update your first and last name on your about page.

Changing your username

  • To change the username that appears in your profile link, please visit your account page.
  • IMPORTANT: You must know your password to make this change, if required please recover your password first.

Live Streams

I'm a Customer

Accessing events

  • To access a live stream event, please visit the live page.
  • You must have purchased a valid ticket to access a live stream event.
  • Tickets can be purchased before and during events from the live page.
  • Your ticket is connected to your Half Wild account so please login with the same account you used to purchase your ticket.

Video stream issues

  • Please use Chrome or Firefox to view the stream (Other browsers should work but are not officially supported)
  • Should the live stream stop or experience issues, please try refreshing the page after some time.
  • Our live stream platform is currently in beta and we are working hard to make it the best possible experience for you, should the stream stop, please be patient while we work to restore it.

Refund policy

  • We do not offer refunds for live stream tickets.
  • Should a live stream event experience major issues and be stopped we will reschedule or provide free access to an alternative event.

I'm an Artist

Guidelines and support

Artist applications

Promoter Program

Becoming a promoter

  • To become a promoter for products in our marketplace and events tickets, please visit our Promoter Program page.
  • You must register for a Half Wild account to be able to join our Promoter Program.

Using your promoter link

  • You will receive a unique referral link upon approval of your application via email. All purchases made through that link will be automatically allocated to you.
  • Your referrals need to enable
  • You can share your unique link on your website or social media accounts provided it complies with our Promoter Terms and Conditions.
  • You can also find your referral link in your Affiliate Dashboard.

Earning commission

  • You will earn 10% commission when selling any products from our marketplace or events tickets through your referral link.
  • We use cookies to track sales. Customers buying from your referral link need to have cookies enabled on their browser, not be using private browsing or incognito mode and not have cleared their browser’s cookies before placing an order.
  • You will earn commission for sales made within 30 days of someone clicking your referral link.
  • IMPORTANT: you cannot earn commission for purchases made by you.

Reviewing your sales

  • To check the status of your sales and commissions, please log in to your Affiliate Dashboard.
  • IMPORTANT: your login details are the same you used to join the Promoter Program. If you forgot your password, please use the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the Affiliate Login page.

Getting paid

  • All payment from our Promoter Program are made via Paypal to the Paypal email nominated during the program registration.
  • Payments are made weekly to all Affiliates that have earned commissions in excess of AUD$10.
  • If you need to change your Paypal email you can do so through your Affiliate Dashboard.

Contributor Program

Becoming a contributor

  • We’re seeking people who are keen to support our mission of growing electronic music culture with volunteer opportunities available across our media, social and marketplace services. If this sounds like you, please complete our Contributor Registration form.

Contributors we seek

  • Media Contributor
  • Live Stream Artist
  • Social Moderator
  • Website Development

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