WA Blazing Swan festival refuses refunds and sits on ticket money nest egg to ‘survive’ COVID-19

Organisers of a Swan Valley music and arts festival that likens itself to Burning Man have left a trail of burnt ticket-holders after the event was cancelled due to COVID-19 and they refused to refund or credit festival-goers.

The Blazing Swan festival team was on-site in Kulin, 3 ½ hours outside Perth, setting up 3 ½ weeks before the April 10 start, when it was notified that it would not be permitted to continue due to coronavirus.

According to Blazing Swan chairperson Vida Barrett, the event was left 1000 ticket sales short of its forecasted budget. Its event cancellation insurance, which covered situations like bushfires or flooding, did not cover a global pandemic.

The not-for-profit organisation then held a members meeting on April 19 and its members “overwhelmingly” voted against any refunds even in the form of a discount for future events.

“With regard to partial refunds, the membership decided that based on current financial status, the amount to be refunded would only be a very small percentage of the original ticket price and the result of refunding would place Blazing Swan in a dire financial position and jeopardise any future events,” a statement said on the event’s Facebook page…….

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