The 25 Best Disco & Funk Tracks of 2020

2020 has been the worst example of a year with Corona 19, racial tensions, political unrest, and world-wide lockdowns. With everything at a standstill, artists were forced to stay home and create, and create they did! Kylie Minogue, Jessie Ware, Horse Meat Disco, Róisín Murphy, and all the other amazing artists that contributed Disco & Funk are to be thanked for providing joy in the middle of pure darkness. What do we do when it gets dark? We turn on a disco ball and dance!


1. Kylie Minogue – Last Chance

It is an impossible task to choose the “best” track from Kylie Minogue’s transcendent Disco album, but “Last Chance” resonates strongly because it still feels like classic Kylie, ala “Spinning Around,” but sounds perfectly in step with modern disco, like only Kylie can! She’s at her best when she calls us onto the dancefloor, and this album couldn’t have come out at a more welcome time in our history!


2. Róisín Murphy – Murphy’s Law

Róisín Murphy is back and sounding more like a disco queen than ever! “Murphy’s Law” is a sultry nod to classics like Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls,” albeit a slowed-down version of it. Ms. Murphy has managed to show us how much vocal range she really has and that she isn’t willing to just rest on her laurels. Róisín is like a fine wine that continues to get better with age!…

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