Roland Adds Three New Models To The TR Drum Series

The legendary 606 is reborn

Today, Roland has made a surprising announcement with three new additions to their drum machine lineup. The 606 is often overshadowed by its successors, but it was equally important in the rise of Acid House as the 303 was. Roland is now paying tribute to the little machine with three new versions.

TR-6S Rhythm Performer

The TR-6S delivers the same speaker-pummeling, window-rattling, body-moving sound of its bigger sibling. It features a six-track sequencer and the most iconic rhythm sounds in music history—all in a battery-powered box that fits just about anywhere. Authentic recreations of legendary Roland drum machines like the 808, 909, 707, 606, and more are included, and users can mix and match them with preset and custom samples and futuristic FM tones to create exotic hybrid kits.

The sound of modern music owes a lot to the classic step sequencer—and the “TR-REC” variety found in early Roland drum machines in particular. The TR-6S employs the same tried-and-true approach, elevated with real-time recording and modern enhancements. And with an array of expressive effects, users can take their rhythm tracks to new levels. The TR-6S is a high-quality USB audio/MIDI interface too, perfect for mobile or minimal production setups…

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