RA: The Coronavirus And Electronic Music: Perspectives From The Scene

Every corner of the electronic music scene has been profoundly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. People whose livelihoods depend on nightclubs and festivals are suffering the most. Here, we speak to people from across the electronic music community to hear how they’ve been affected by COVID-19.

The touring artists

Sote, producer and live performer, Tehran

My upcoming European tour had to be cancelled because there are almost no flights out of Tehran at the moment. And it looks like Europe is now getting more aware of this matter’s seriousness. I privately teach sound art and synthesis here in Tehran, but had to cancel all my classes in the past few weeks, and they will probably remain cancelled for another month at least. Unfortunately, my sources of income have been eliminated by the coronavirus and are nonexistent at this point.

It’s been difficult to keep morale high. However, I’ve fought to boost my spirits and turn this negative element into something positive. So, I’ve been composing every day. And everyone is trying to work and live in isolation until things get better. Here in Tehran and in the whole country, all public events such as concerts have been cancelled. Schools and universities have been closed in the past couple weeks. People are pretty much staying home, and the usual crazy busy Tehran is pretty empty. Traveling between cities is either prohibited or strongly advised against. Talking to friends and colleagues, the general mood is down. Iranians in the past year or so have had it very rough; more and more people are getting depressed. Usually, at this time of the year, Iranians are getting ready for the Persian New Year—March 20th, the first day of spring—and everyone is happy and excited. Businesses are normally very busy and everything is alive…..

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