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Nightclubs may never be the same again. Here’s why

Hundreds of sweaty people, mostly inebriated, jostling and bumping — in some cases actually grinding — into each other in a dark, noisy, confined room were common scenes in nightclubs across Melbourne only a few months ago.
Key points:

Some club owners say many will make the call whether to fold once a definite timeline

Rainbow Serpent Delayed Again

Spare a thought for the embattled Rainbow Serpent Festival organisers who have cancelled their rescheduled Regen event set to take place over Easter.
It’s the second time organisers have had to delay after a bushfire devastated the festival site in December forcing the postponement of the traditional January party. All ticket holders will be automatically

Pitch Music & Arts 2020: Five Key Performances

Who stole the show in the shadows of Australia’s Grampian Mountains? Xiaoran Shi tells all.
In a time of escalating panic about the global COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary virtues of social distancing, there was something delirious, nay illicit, about 10,000 people descending on a remote plot of land in the Victorian bush—far from any


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