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Psytrance mixes – 2020

Our latest weekly article features new mixes together with some older ones, covering a wide spectrum of Psychedelic sub-genres and old school vibes, to more chilled and downtempo ones. This week, enjoy DJ Emiri’s exclusive mix!
We’ve selected mixes from DJ Emiri, Tristan, Psychedelic Universe, BLiSS, Altered State, Goa Jonas, Aum Shanti, Dj Woos, OxyFlux,

Terminal V launch ‘Connect’ with Patrick Topping on Sat 8th August

TERMINAL V CONNECT is a multi-platform streaming channel from gargantuan Scottish festival Terminal V that incorporates incredible Live, Virtual and Augmented reality streams from the world’s leading electronic music artists.
The much-anticipated launch online event comes from firm Terminal V favourite Patrick Topping, who has a long-standing relationship with the city, and the party.

Drive-Thru ‘Burner’ Art Festival Brings Hundreds Of People Practicing Social Distancing
Places getting closed and events getting cancelled but one group is still trying to keep the spirit of summer alive the Drive-through Festival.
Interactive displays.
Art installation… It’s the making of possible invert.
The only thing missing is those massive crowds theatres so why not driving. Burning Man’s Robert Ferguson debut fifteen

Summer of Illegal Raves Expected?

We have just received the news that clubs in Ibiza wont work this summer. Venues and nightclub associations had been lobbying to get clubs open toward the end of the 2020 season with social distancing and increased hygiene measures in place but the Balearic government has ruled out any club activity this year.
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