Nightclubs may never be the same again. Here’s why

Hundreds of sweaty people, mostly inebriated, jostling and bumping — in some cases actually grinding — into each other in a dark, noisy, confined room were common scenes in nightclubs across Melbourne only a few months ago.

Key points:

  • Some club owners say many will make the call whether to fold once a definite timeline for the lifting of restrictions was revealed
  • Owners and operators of most of Melbourne’s live music and nightclub venues hold weekly Zoom meetings to establish reopening efforts
  • One owner says if venues with late night licences close then the Government would be reluctant to reissue another, citing redevelopment or repurposing

    They are almost unthinkable — and actually illegal — now. And it is unclear when they will be possible again in any Australian city.

    Liam Alexander, co-owner of Melbourne nightclub Colour, said the club’s last night on March 14, before the coronavirus physical-distancing restrictions came in, had an “apocalyptic” atmosphere.

    “It was busy,” the relatively fresh-faced 28-year-old told the ABC.

    “It was really busy but it felt like ‘last dance, this is it. Next weekend we’re not going to be here anymore’.

    “So it was bizarre. It was a really strange mood.”

    An industry on life support

    According to industry insiders, Melbourne’s signature nightlife culture is on life support and it is going to be a while yet before we know how many pubs, restaurants, bars, and especially nightclubs are going to wake up again……

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