New study shows that your body subconsciously grooves to EDM

Whether you have a musically trained ear or not, we all subconsciously acknowledge the power of rhythm. Ravers especially can attest to the energy of a dance floor, as it fuels us to move for hours on end. While we’ll readily answer the call of any DJ to dance with everything we’ve got, have you ever been asked to stand totally still? Researchers from the University of Oslo in Norway are asking such a question, and studying the art of standing still. They’ve found that dance music, specifically EDM, causes the most movement out of any other genre.

In general, the study of how people move to music has been of interest to researchers for some time now. However, the researchers in this specific case, Alexander Refsum Jensenius, Victor Evaristo Gonzalez Sanchez, and Agata Zelechowska, are studying micro-movements. The tiny, involuntary movements that we make when we’re trying our hardest to stand still. Efforts to explore micro-movements included a series of Norwegian Championships of Standstill, where the winner was whoever moved the least. After holding four championships the winning record belongs to a participant who swayed 3.9 millimeters per second; thus proving that people reflexively move when they hear music…..

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