‘Immersive Bazaar’ Festival-inspired Artworks in Las Vegas

While most music festivals have been cancelled in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, a new entertainment complex will display “the theatrical, interactive artwork synonymous with these events” in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 930sq m open-air gallery, known as Art Island, will tentatively make its debut in September as part of the new entertainment complex and “immersive bazaar” Area15.

The permanent art gallery will feature around 10 festival-style artworks by international artists like Michael Benisty, Davis McCarty and Ivan McLean, some of whom have presented their work during past instalments of Burning Man in Nevada’s Black Rock City.

Among them are the mirrored 4.2m sculpture of a couple embracing, called In Every Lifetime I Will Find You, which Belgian artist Michael Benitsy exhibited at Burning Man in 2019.

Also on view in Art Island will be OMAH by Portland-based collective Alchemy Arts, Pulse Portal by Davis McCarty, as well as Giant Disco by Ivan McLean.

In addition, Portland-based sculptor Ivan McLean has created a 4.5m tall fire-breathing dragon, known as “El Scorcho,” specifically for Area 15…

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