How It Was Made: Per Hammar – Pathfinder LP [Dirty Hands]

Per Hammar takes us into his studio to show off how he made his upcoming album.

The creative process is a very personal thing. While two people might make similar music, their ways of going about it will surely be different. For some, working inside the box is the answer. For others, perhaps a hybrid of external hardware and internal software. Then there are those who have taken their love for hardware to the next level. Such is the case for Per Hammar, a vintage Soviet-drum machine loving, modular synth-playing wizard.

His new album, Pathfinder, is the culmination of over 15 years of producing and showcases his journey through sounds of dub, trance, minimal, and everything in between. Normally, we reserve How It Was Made for EPs, but with such an interesting and impressive studio, we invited Per Hammar to breakdown 4 of the tracks from the forthcoming album, which will be released May 11….


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