Hot and French techno duo X Voyagers release first psychotic track

They are French, they are hot and they produce electronic music, X Voyagers formed by Ella Hox and Ash Oskyler, release a first track named Rage Code, a visceral electronic trip embracing synthwave and EBM influences.

Unity is strength for the two French producers of electronic music. This man-woman duo forms an explosive cocktail through a powerful visual identity revealing an addictive dark Sci-Fi universe.

We feel the post-industrial and new wave roots of the genre, reinforced with alienating melodies: hovering and violent at will! X Voyagers know how to do it and swings skillfully between gentleness and violence with brio, creating a psychotic atmosphere. The result is an explosion of sensations with this energetic and obsessive track, which turns out to be captivating and dark, to the point of becoming almost mystical.

In love with anxiety-provoking atmospheres, these badass guys do not hide their attraction to robotics, 80s horror films, or even video games. They inject a cinematic angle into their compositions wishing to push the listener to their limits. Suffice to say, it is a bet won on our side, we are conquered by the universe of this duo as hot as crazy and we look forward to seeing more of them!

 “Rage Code” is available on all platforms now:

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