GusGus head towards a new era with ‘Higher’

Ever-evolving, unrelenting, and uncompromising electronic powerhouse GusGus continue the celebration of their 25th anniversary with the release of their latest track ‘Higher’, the first single off their forthcoming 2021 album. Unfolding into a new era, GusGus is excited to announce a fresh, new collaboration with fellow Icelandic band VÖK´s multi-talented vocalist Margrét Rán. Out now via their Oroom imprint, ‘Higher’ is available to stream across all streaming platforms.

The nearly four-minute musical endeavour immediately begins with a hypnotically mesmerizing kick drum that builds tension effortlessly with each passing second. The track exemplifies what GusGus does best – it seduces the listener with a captivating groove and serves larger-than-life, unapologetic melodies…

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