Half Wild Announces the World’s Most Complete Digital Festival, Synthesis

It’s a special day indeed at Half Wild HQ as we launch the world’s most comprehensive streaming platform that will go live on 19 – 22 June with the digital festival, Synthesis.

The new platform offers so much more than just passive viewing of musicians doing their thing. facilitating community connection has been the focus for the HW team because we know that festivals are about so much more than just the music. They’re about shenanigans with friends, meeting new people and maybe a cheeky shop at the markets as well

So in addition to the banging lineup, ticket holders will also be able to host watch parties with their friends via video chat links – virtual cocktail party, anyone?

Half WIld is also calling on market stallholders whose business has been impacted by the event ban to join the virtual marketplace the event and kickstart their recovery.

The first lineup announcement includes some heavy hitters from the underground scene and features  Grouch, Tetrameth, Jossie Telch, MVMB,  Volkiene and local legend, Ozzy. Click their names to check out their amazing tunes on soundcloud.

In total, there will be 33 musical performers over the weekend, who will each share equally in profits from the event.

Early bird tickets are now on sale for just $7, with future rounds for $10, $15 and a door price of $20. Ticket holders will have lifetime access to the entire festival of exclusive sets that will not feature elsewhere online.

Half WIld was found as a platform with the sole purpose of growing our electronic music scene by empowering creatives through technology and in this time of crisis we believe our mission has only gotten more important.

Synthesis is the first in a series of events to be offered by the platform to help our entire community remain connected and entertained during these challenging times.