Distant Dancefloors: New Pioneer DJ Documentary Looks At COVID-19’s Impact On Electronic Music Industry

See an early look at how the pandemic has impacted the electronic music business.

Pioneer DJ has released a documentary, Distant Dancefloors, about the early impact of COVID-19 on the electronic music industry. It features interviews with Blondish, Eats Everything, Honey Dijon, Luciano, Rebuke and others as they first started to deal with the fallout of the collapse of the business in February and March and then how they have managed since.

The business side of live music gets highlighted and how bad things got for promoters and agents. There were thoughts of possibly restarting in the fall, but it seems as though 2021 is when people are hoping to get back to gigging. It goes into the positives and limitations of live streaming that can’t truly replicate a clubbing experience. This has on the flip side offered these hard-touring artists a very rare rest and a chance to get some sleep and see their families for the most time in a long time.

The documentary is out now in August and likely had to be edited with interviews done over the past few months. The pandemic is not over in many countries around the world so there will be more chapters written in this story…

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