Digweed Slams Greedy Social Media Platforms For Shortchanging Artists

Coronavirus has changed everything, realistically when do you envisage being able to tour again and how do you see this impacting artists plus the industry as a whole? What do fans need to realize?

As much as I miss touring and playing gigs, the reality is that there is currently a virus spreading globally with no vaccine and most countries are in lockdown. It’s pretty obvious that nightclubs and festivals will be the last industries that will get the green light to start back up.

These are strange times with club owners/promoters waiting for guidance from the authorities outlining how clubs and events can reopen. I think most people would rather, as frustrating as it is, wait a little longer and get it right, as opposed to rushing to open clubs and festivals, which result in a second wave that causes everything to get shut down again. People’s health and their safety is the most important thing at this time.

Given that artists are not going to be earning any money for potentially the next 12 months, do you think it would be reasonable to move towards a pay per view model for live streams? To help them pay their bills?

These are tough times for so many people, not only in the music industry but across the board, which is very sad because good people are losing their jobs through no fault of their own. As things progress, I’m sure people will start to look at ways to earn money through streaming platforms, but it’s also important that music makers who have registered tracks that are being streamed are accounted to by collection agencies…….


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