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Alternative Top 100 DJs 2020, powered by Beatport

From: Ghent, BelgiumDJ Style: “Techno.”Best known for: Her KNTXT parties and label.Fave tune 2020: “I’ve been playing ‘Trave’ by Jacidorex towards the end of my set. It’s fast-paced acid psy-techno.”Who is your number one rising DJ of 2020: “Alignment. He’s an Italian guy living in Germany, he makes very fast-paced techno with very strong trance influences.”

A new documentary on electronic music’s female pioneers will premiere next month

A documentary about electronic music’s female pioneers is set to premiere next month.
Titled Sisters with Transistors, the documentary is scheduled to premiere at The Barbican Theatre on the 14th November, alongside a special Q&A with director Lisa Rovner.
Centred around some of the world’s female electronic music pioneers, including Suzanne Ciani, Delia Derbyshire, Laurie


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