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SoundCloud’s Founders Launch E-Bike Subscription Service

Alexander Ljung and Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss started SoundCloud in 2007, seeking a way to do for music what YouTube (with its ubiquitous embedded player, which was a big deal when people visited websites other than Facebook and Instagram) did for video.
In the subsequent decade, SoundCloud burned through hundreds of millions of dollars in search of

The 10 worst people to run into at a house party.

We’ve all bumped into one of these people at a party.
We all miss house parties – the rogue nature of their happenings and the unanticipated crazy shit that can go down. It’s their unpredictability that people live for and the multifaceted nature of a house party could have you doing any range of things

Staying Connected through Difference

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences. – Audre Lorde
I soak in these words, a quote I’ve heard and been inspired by many times before. Yet on this particular occasion, I’m stopped in my tracks; a big, fat mirror held up to

This Opera House is Reopening With a Concert Performed Exclusively for 2,200 Potted Plants –With…

As an intriguing statement on the relationship between man and nature, a Spanish opera hall will conduct a performance of Puccini’s flowery concerto Chrisantemi—or Chrysanthemums in English—to a packed house of 2,292 potted plants.
As government-mandated shelter-in-place and quarantine orders saw society recede into the walls of their homes, nature has silently crept into many

A Guided Meditation for Turning Awareness into Action

This is a foundational awareness practice designed to help bring about three key insights: clarity of intention; understanding of our power, presence, and impact; and opportunities for wise action-taking. If we take a moment to consider how complex, volatile, and uncertain current societal conditions are, as well as the spectrum of emotions we are feeling

A 10-Minute Practice to Fully Experience the Present

Jay Vidyarthi guides us to temporarily let go of racing thoughts and rest our awareness in the experience of this moment.
One of the things I love the most about mindfulness practice is this duality between the idea that we need to train our minds and build skills and get somewhere, and the conflicting idea that


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