Save The Dance Floor – Become A Contributor

For the past three years the incredible team here at Half Wild have been building a platform purpose built for electronic music culture.

From the outset, our vision was to create a thriving platform that connected fans with industry and provided creatives and creative businesses a new source of digital income that wasn’t tied to the ups and downs of physical events.

As we watched COVID unfold, it became clear that the arts and creative industries would be the hardest hit, including our beloved club and festival scene.

Overnight, our original mission went from important to imperative.


If dance music were a religion, then the dance floor would be our place of worship for it is there that our scene comes to life.

We believe strongly in the bonds and connections we make on the dance floor.

Those moments of interconnection and euphoria listening to an unforgettable artist surrounded by our closest mates and meeting new ones are the glue that holds the fabric of our scene together.

Without those moments we stop evolving and we also stop giving artists the energy and financial support they need to thrive, to push further with their sound or art form.

The dance floor must continue, the tunes must keep rolling.


Lockdown restrictions have all but destroyed our dance floors and stopped us connecting and enjoying the DJ’s and artists we love. The social impact is such that many of us feel isolated and disconnected.

Then there is the economic impact to the artists, promoters and industry that work tirelessly to bring you an incredible experience. Many are suffering dearly and are facing many more months, if not years of uncertainty.

It is clear we NEED our dance floors back not only to support artists and industry, but to continue connecting us in the way we have become accustomed.

So for the past 6-months, we have been building a digital dance floor to do just that – connect fans with artists and give them the opportunity to support the industry.


At the end of June our development efforts culminated in the launch of Synthesis Live – a 72hr digital festival marathon, featuring more than 30 artists from around the globe.

Over that weekend more than 500 brought tickets and got to experience this digital dance floor – and the vibe was electric! We were blown away the support and enthusiasm we received, it is clear we are on the right path.

Our focus is now to replicate the success of Synthesis… every week! The more digital gigs we throw, the more artists we can support.


We have created an incredible digital playground that can support hundreds of artists and artisans while simultaneously connecting us all and turning our living room’s into one huge distributed dance floor… but we need your help!

As a small team our resources are extremely limited and try as we might, we can’t do this alone.

Today we are opening our doors to contributors interested in helping us take what we’ve built and growing it into a thriving metropolis of music, art and electronic music culture.

We are seeking the following skills:

  • Content Writers
  • DJs & Producers
  • Visual Artists & Performers
  • Promoters & Booking Managers
  • Marketing & Social Media Specialists
  • Website Developers
  • Graphic Designers
Get involved and submit our short contributor form.

Together we can not only keep our dance floors alive (digitally), but we can give creatives what they need to thrive in the new digital paradigm.