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TR-909 DAY!

The TR-909 was born on 1983 in Osaka, Japan, and it was the first Roland drum machine to feature MIDI, which back in 1983 was a new technical standard that allowed electronic instruments to “talk” to each other, in other words, MIDI allowed the 909 to be synchronized with other devices.
However, at the date,

6 ways DJs can get organised during lockdown

We all feel it – the COVID-19 burnout is real. Many of us are itching to get outside, to play clubs again, to be back on a dancefloor, and to play on a big sound system again. Yep, we miss it too.
But we’re not quite there yet – particularly in the United States. That’s

Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ: Review

The new flagship of the XDJ all in one line has finally arrived in the new XDJ-XZ, which sits alongside the XDJ-R2 and RR, respectively. This new behemoth features full-size jog wheels and more or less feels like a classic CDJ Nexus 2 and 900 setup with only a few tweaks like performance pads and

Beatport and Denon DJ revolutionise streaming tech

For the first time ever, DJs using Denon DJ’s Engine OS enabled PRIME Series hardware will have instant access to Beatport’s vast catalogue of curated dance music on demand without a computer.
No laptop? No problem. On 3rd August 2020, Beatport and Denon DJ officially launched the long-anticipated Beatport LINK integration with all Engine OS products. Denon DJ Engine OS users upgrading

Top 7 Reverb Plugins for Psytrance

Video Thanks to Trancentral.

E-Clip is a psy-progressive oriented project created by Marko Radovanovic aka Radule from Belgrade. Marko has been producing psytrance music since 2002 when he was working on his full-on project called beyondecliptica. In 2009 he started to work on his psy-progressive trance project and E-Clip was born. He released with labels

5 Reasons To Upgrade Your DJ Equipment

Beginner DJ equipment keeps getting better, with more performance features than ever before. So when do you need to upgrade your equipment and are there certain situations where a DJ outgrows their equipment? In this video, DJ Holland breaks down the five most common cases when a DJ may need to upgrade!

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Best All-In-One DJ Controller: Pioneer XDJ-XZ

The controller and laptop combination is extremely common in today’s DJ scene. The combination of excellent software with the affordability of controllers has helped spark a new era of DJing. But, there are occasions where you either need or want a controller that doesn’t need a laptop.
Pioneer XDJ-XZ – Best All-In-One DJ Controller

Beatport to Reintroduce Hard Techno Genre Category

Beatport will reportedly reintroduce the “Hard Techno” genre category on July 28th, 2020 after removing it in February.
Communications to that effect from Beatport Artist Relations have been shared by U.K. DJ and producer D.A.V.E. the Drummer (whose Facebook post has since been deleted). They promise that songs will be moved back into the category from “Techno


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