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About Delivery

Our goal at Half Wild is to bring you the best products from our creative vendors to truly unleash your wild side!

Our vendors come from different parts of the world and while we work closely with them, we will have to rely occasionally on partners all over the world just to dispatch goods.

With that in mind, we at Half Wild want nothing more but happiness from our customers. To achieve that, we offer nothing but a full 100% transparency with the fact that your orders’ estimated shipping times can vary depending on the shipping method selected and the items in your order.

All prices on this page are in Australian dollars.

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COVID Delays

Due to the ongoing global nature of the COVID crisis, supply chains around the world are struggling to keep up with demand.

Please note that our products are delivered from different fulfillment centers. Certain products purchased during this time may be delayed due to business interruptions due to local regulations regarding the Coronavirus. Some carriers have elected to skip the scanning process at checkpoints to speed up processing. Often this results in your item arriving before the tracking number has updated, please be patient, it will arrive.

Because of the unprecedented nature of this crisis, we take no responsibility for COVID related shipping delays and encourage you to order well in advance.

Made to Order Items

Occasionally, we work with manufacturers directly. This means that those particular items aren’t prestocked by default and are quite literally produced specially for your order. In these instances, items may require an additional 3-4 days processing time and will need to be added to the shipping total for that item.

This message is stated clearly on each product page and where feasible, we will dispatch the made to order item separately as not to delay the rest of the order.

Our Customer First Commitment

We can assure you that as we grow, one of our immediate priorities is to significantly reduce our shipping times as well as increase the number of shipping options available to customers.

Behind the scenes, we are working tirelessly to build a robust logistics and supply chain system that will allow for faster delivery, processing and better communication with you after your order has been shipped.

Our ultimate goal is to not rely on 3rd party distributors and to be able to afford the sorts of logistical solutions that larger online retailers use - many of which cost 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars per year. Every order we get is one step closer to achieving this goal.

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about our mission and the Half Wild team, jump here.