Half Wild Marketplace Opens To Vendors

With the unfolding COVID-19 crisis putting our creative industries at risk, we are accelerating the onboarding of vendors to our recently completed marketplace.
Applications are now open to Etsy and Shopify merchants looking to extend their reach across multiple sales channels.

    For the past three years, our team has been hard at work creating the ultimate platform to sell your incredible creative works to a global audience of dance music fanatics.

    To do that, we have built a business that is true to the culture we all love and one we believe can create immense wealth for all members of our growing global dance community.

    With the recent completion of our marketplace, we are now inviting a select number of vendors to join us in creating the world’s first, true, digital festival that includes our whole culture – not just DJ’s!

    Learn more about Half Wild below or go straight to our introductory offer.

    (Hint: the first order is on us!)

    Hal Wild Purpose Statement


    We were founded by a group of extremely intelligent, creative and passionate professionals who have both grown up and fallen in love with the beauty of underground electronic music culture. 

    We have professional backgrounds in finance, business, media, marketing and technology.

    Collectively, our vision is to lead the global growth of underground electronic music culture through creative technology.

    Our platform has been built from first-hand experience, participation and work in the music industry. Every single person on our team has promoted and put on their own events and over half our team and board are DJs.


    Globally, the alternative and festival clothing market is worth over $3.5Bn annually and growing rapidly.

    Predominantly serviced by only a few retailers, we believe you deserve a larger share of that.

    Ecommerce is a booming industry growing at an unbelievable rate. We believe you deserve to take part in that growth! Our entire business strategy is based on selling thousands of your products.

    By fusing digital media, social networking and marketplace technologies together, we connect you directly with your target market at a fraction of the usual cost.

    Online success requires technical know-how, a team of experts and a significant advertising budget that are among a few of the biggest hurdles. 

    So we will provide those resources while allowing you, our vendors, to focus on making the most incredible products in the world – all while we worry about marketing, SEO, data, analytics and all that fun stuff!


    Our platform is built around a membership model. As a digital media outlet, our news stories about dance music attract readers and members.

    In six months, we’ve grown to over 8,000 members and last month eclipsed 20,000 active users.

    We have dozens of promoters signed up as partners of our platform and our party guide has already become a staple for our users, repeatedly visited by thousands each month.


    With the closure of real-world festivals and mass gatherings, the COVID-19 crisis has caused significant damage to our businesses and the broader creative industries.

    In response, we are utilising our platform to create a purpose built livestream solution complete with ticketing. Profits will be distributed to artists and the resulting traffic can be exposed to your garments – just like a real festival!

    With our first event planned late April, we encourage interested vendors to register as soon as possible to ensure your store can be connected in time.


    Success online is about getting your products in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Thus, multi-channel is a key tenet of the most successful online retailers’ strategies.

    So while developing our technology, we simultaneously launched our pilot brand Doof Store.

    For the past two years, Doof Store has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors, serviced some 6000+ customers and now exceeds 15-20k monthly sessions each and every month.

    Doof Store was essential in the creation of Half Wild. It has allowed us to build our technology, demonstrate market potential to our investors and, importantly, build another channel and existing customer base eager to buy your products.

    Simply select the Doof Store option on sign up and immediately open your inventory to this additional traffic.

    Direct Integration

    Our technology integrates directly with your existing Etsy or Shopify account. 

    This means there is no need to upload products or manage inventory in two places, we retrieve new information from your existing shop daily.

    Based on our existing sales we anticipate high demand for your products. This means that when selling on Half Wild, it is critical to keep your inventory counts accurate.

    Shipping Labels

    We supply shipping labels to you through our preferred delivery providers. We also cover delivery fees as part of our commission.

    This allows us to create competitive free shipping offers that encourage spending across multiple vendors. It also creates a consistent experience for customers no matter who they are purchasing from.

  • Introductory Offer

    Our Connection Process

    We are inviting selected vendors to join the marketplace at absolutely no cost. PLUS your first order is completely commission free! Continuing your connection after the first sale is optional, so no strings attached.

    Etsy Connections:

    Take 1-2 business days and only require the information provided in the form.

    Shopify Connections:

    Our team will need to contact you to establish a connection. Please allow 1-2 business days for our integration specialist to contact you.

    All Stores Synchronised:

    Pricing and inventory levels will match your existing store and be updated daily with any changes.

    Super Easy Setup


    Submit the connection form below and our team will import your products and make them available on the marketplace.


    When we receive an order for one of your products, you will be notified by email with instructions on how to dispatch the order and collect payment.


    Once your first order is dispatched, simply select one of our vendor plans to keep selling!
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