Witchtape #80 | Guest Witch : juSt b

That morning, the little witch got surprised by a heavy rain shower while performing her daily inspection round of her forest. It was a pretty cool October morning and soon the girl was soaked to the bone, despite taking shelter under a big maple tree. Spring and summer had been hot and extremely dry, but this autumn brought the first big rains in 3 years. After the rain abated, the young witch found out that little mushrooms had popped up everywhere, with uncountable different species all over the forest. A dry and warm summer followed by a cool and wet autumn created the perfect conditions for this mushroom bonanza. The barefoot girl tiptoed cautiously through the woods, making sure not to trample any of these fragile little toadstools. A few moments later, her heart filled with joy as she spotted a near-perfect witch’s rings of scurfy twiglets, which was the very first time of her young life that she saw a full circle of mushrooms.
Starting from the edge of ring, there was a winding line of white mushrooms and the little witch decided to follow this treasure trail, which seemed to lead in the direction of the tiny oak tree (which was destined to live for 1000 years and become the future mother tree of the forest, and which was being protected by a tree nymph who had arrived just a few days earlier after an epic 2-year journey from South-East Asia). The winding trail of mushrooms stopped just a few meters short of the little pond which a group of friendly badgers had dug for the nymph the day before, and which just got filled up with water from the rain shower. The little witch didn’t need to think twice and slipped out of her wet clothes and waded into the water. Soon afterwards, the little nymph also arrived at the scene and – with a mysterious yet irresistible South-East Asian smile – threw away her dress without hesitation and joined the witch in the water. Despite knowing each other only for a few days and never exchanging a single word, witch and nymph had become best friends instantly. After a long welcome hug, they noticed that their presence had a magic effect on their environment. When the little witch opened her eyes, she saw that the banks of the pond (which were only dirt and mud a few moments earlier) were all of a sudden covered with lush green grass and moss, while fresh leaves of water lilies were now floating at several places on the water surface. Both witch and nymph just couldn’t believe their eyes and without thinking – after getting deeper into the water – they engaged in yet another tender hug. This embrace was way more intense and the little witch felt how her own North-Western European energy got mixed with a strong undercurrent of the distinctly contrasting South-East Asian energy of the youthful nymph. The fusion of energies was so powerful and overwhelming that both girls completely lost their sense of space and time.
After a while, they opened their eyes at exactly the same moment and were immediately spellbound when they saw they were now being surrounded by an abundance of brilliantly white lily flowers sticking out of the water surface. Only at that moment the little witch noticed the family of badgers lining up at the edge of the water and looking in awe at the magic transformation of the pond which they had dug with boundless love and energy just 24 hours earlier…

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Artwork by Irina Alexandrovna (Ironika)

These beats were originally posted by Hekske ❋ The House Witchtapes