TRIPTONE | Digital Om Productions Series Vol. 58 | 24/03/2020

Here is the new Digital Om mix by TRIPTONE.

Triptone: Coming from the 90’s Triptone started his psychedelic journey back in the early 90’s. Dancing from festivals to festivals and countless days in Goa, he got the in depth and in tune with the Spiritually connecting aspect of Psychedelic trance.
Since 2001 he kept playing for numerous private parties to hone in on his skills. In 2012 He was literally pushed on by his best friends, to go play for the people. Joining the Mighty Digital Om Productions in 2013, he has played numerous parties, Festivals. He has played alongside with countless other artists.
Playing dubby chillout to psychedelic techno to progressive to fullon to twilight to forest; Put him in a set and the setting he can play as a versaitile DJ in the psychedelic escapes.
As a founder of 1000 Petals, India’s first scientific meditation space, he truly believes that celebration and meditation are two most important aspects of life.
Be ready for surprisingly fresh underground psychedelic music when you see him on the next lineup and get ready to fly to your very own inner and outer space!!!

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These beats were originally posted by radiOzora