juSt b ▪️ Undercurrents EP41 ▪️ Sept.18 ’20

🙋🏻‍♀️ Hello dear friends!

I just hit the 7 year anniversary of my first ever gig on Sept.13, 2013, shortly after moving to Toronto. It was at a little place called B1 Design Bar & Lounge on College Street, which no longer exists and it signified my purpose for being here. 150+ gigs….41 episodes of Undercurrents….3 European tours…and so many wonderful people along the way have helped shape this journey in to something quite incredible. Intense dedication, time, and energy has gone in to developing juSt b – in to accomplishing what I came here to do and for that I am truly proud & forever grateful 🙏🏻

Thx to all those who came out and weathered the storm (literally!) at the magical Orphan Burn on Sept.6-7th – what a crazy night it was!!

Please send me a note or leave a comment if you like what you hear & be sure to share/repost if you do! Thx always for the support! 😘 hope u enjOy!

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Take care! xOx

These beats were originally posted by juSt b