Amalaya Edition 033 | ARÕMA(IN)

@soundofaroma is a Producer and DJ from India. He is focused on exploring emotional, melancholic, cultural shades of house & mystical downtempo music.Known for his world, culturally inspired hypnotic grooves and dreamy melodies .
His music emanates from nature itself.Influenced by traditions from around the globe and evolving from deep self-exploration, his style is truly eclectic.

Downtempo | Deep House| World | Techno | Afro-House

Releases on-
kośa records(कोश)(Pune,India)
Deja Vu Culture(India)
Ohxala Recors(Porto,Portugal)
Chameleoncast (Frankfurt,Germany)
Deep Bali Records(France & Bali,Seminyak)
Cosmovision Records(Montreal,Canada)
Garasadah Records(Kathmandu,Nepal)

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These beats were originally posted by Amalaya